Dr. Ashok Gangadean

Dr. Ashok Gangadean feels that “our greatest challenge now, the greatest activism for all humanity to join as one human family, is to: not download the wisdom into our lens and local cultural ecology, but up-script our hearts and minds into the source where we are interconnected, and can feel it, and live it, and be it.”

He is a professor of philosophy at Haverford College and the founder of the Global Dialogue Institute. In his work as an academic philosopher Dr. Gangadean’s ongoing project has been to articulate a formal philosophical grammar and logic that can ground all of existence in a unified space of non-separateness.

Based on this fundamental understanding of the inherent unity of existence, Dr. Gangadean has sought to bring his philosophical work to be of practical work in the world in projects such as the Global Dialogue Institute, which seeks to bring diverse individuals and worldviews into a place of ‘deep dialogue’ where they can be radically reconciled by means of a process of deep listening.

Dr. Gangadean was also featured in an interview with Foster Gamble included as an appendix to the movie Thrive and is on the board of the Himalayan Consensus Institute together with Laurence Brahm.


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