Max Igan

Max Igan proposes that “we are too dependent upon governments, who are the ones who create the terrorism themselves. Personally, [he thinks] there isn’t gonna be any remedy coming from the goverment. The remedy is gonna come when we replace the government with some honest people.”

He is an author and activist and the founder of the Full Circle Project. In all his writings and other media and other projects, Mr. Igan highlights the difference between the world we currently have, dominated by corporate and special interests, and the world we could have, where humankind cooperates with nature and with each other to make a world that works for all.

To the end of bringing about the world that works for all, the Full Circle Project seeks to call people together in their communities, and with other communities around the world to stand firm together as ‘warriors’ fighting on behalf of all.

Many of Max’s writings can be found at his personal webite The Crowhouse,


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